Indigenous Pedagogy in Early Years and Child Care Environments Gathering

Date: September 24th – 26th Location: Kenjgewin Teg, M’Chigeeng First Nation This gathering will focus on aligning Indigenous Knowledge with How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years. To inspire a desire for learning, educators will learn how land-based theory and practice can be used to create high quality early learning environments.

Reflections on: Land is our First Teacher, Establishing and Maintaining Relationships Gathering

Beatriz Alvarez, Inuit Liaison           Kortright Centre, Vaughan ON         April, 2019 DAY ONE: “Land is our first Teacher” began with windy weather and the threat of snow/rainfall which made it immediately obvious that nature takes it time regardless of all attendees’ eagerness to have spring-like weather greeting our day outdoor