Finding Our Way—Our Documentation Process at Niwasa EarlyON Centre

Niwasa EarlyON staff believe that play is the key to a child’s understanding of the world. Play gives children the opportunity to hypothesize, test, and repeat their theories, apply that knowledge to the world around them, draw relationships between things, people and the larger world, and experience community, delight, frustration and success. Our roles as […]

Fostering Indigenous Identity through Connection to Land – by Andrea Williams

As an Indigenous Community Educator with the Ontario Indigenous Centre of Excellence I have the privilege of being invited to participate in land-based gatherings held across the province. These opportunities allow for a chance to demonstrate one of the primary teachings held within Indigenous ways of knowing – land is our first teacher. By modelling […]

Reflections on: Land is our First Teacher, Establishing and Maintaining Relationships Gathering

Beatriz Alvarez, Inuit Liaison           Kortright Centre, Vaughan ON         April, 2019 DAY ONE: “Land is our first Teacher” began with windy weather and the threat of snow/rainfall which made it immediately obvious that nature takes it time regardless of all attendees’ eagerness to have spring-like weather greeting our day outdoor